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Jul 2016

Facebook celebrates one billion active monthly users on Messenger

Facebook-owned Messenger has added 200 million active monthly users in a matter of months; taking the popular messaging app over the one billion threshold. With this growth, the app is now officially the second most-popular iOS app of all time. WhatsApp, also owned by the social media giant surpassed this marker back in February; so […]

Jul 2016

How beauty brands increase their following on Instagram

Instagram recently reached 500 million users; not bad for a company that had less than 50 million ‘instagrammers’ the year it was acquired by Facebook. That was in April 2012 and this latest milestone is a big one, okay – a huge one. Of the 500 million users, 300 use the photo-sharing platform every single […]

Jul 2016

Snapchat launches ‘Memories’; but just how memorable will this new feature be?

Are you on Snapchat yet? How many times have you been asked this recently? Well. Here at Online Influence we feel that you are going to be hearing this more often. The new feature brings a whole new dimension to the popular messaging app and it feels as though they have borrowed from Instagram (just […]

Jul 2016

Twitter expands into live-streaming in challenge with Facebook

Twitter recently partnered with Wimbledon and US cable sports network ESPN to bring live coverage of the annual major tennis tournament to the social media platform. This was a first for Twitter and although they bought Periscope in January 2015; this was separate from that service offering. This is far superior, in full HD and […]

Jul 2016

How are brands reacting to Pokémon Go?

It’s not even hit the UK yet but we have heard all about it haven’t we? Pokémon Go has already surpassed Facebook-owned apps Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram; and also Twitter and Snapchat in average usage time in the US. It has even added $9 billion to the market value of the gaming company. Niantic, the […]

Jul 2016

Will the ‘Cameron Hum’ on the doorsteps of 10 Downing Street go down as one of the greatest mishaps in history?

Did that really happen? Yes. It did. And yes, we cannot believe it as well. The outgoing Prime Minister of Great Britain was caught last night humming a little tune that has got the world talking. The ‘Cameron hum’ happened following the announcement by the PM that Theresa May will take the top job as […]