5 minutes with.. Scoop & Spoon

We are very excited to have SCOOP & SPOON on board, now let’s find out a little more about them.

Michael Ksela, CEO

For those who don’t know yet, who is SCOOP & SPOON?

SCOOP & SPOON’s structure, attitude and commitment are at the heart of sustainable marketing solutions. Core competences such as marketing, design and communication technology are transformed by a unique team into customised products and implementations. “We create moments of success, moments of satisfaction and of technology-driven coolness and call it ‘The Beauty of Marketing’.” SCOOP & SPOON creates desirable brands for its customers with a broad range of solutions such as Digital Ecosystems, Apps, Websites, Search Engines, Performance Marketing or Social Media. The marketing company has more than 70 employees in offices in Vienna, London and Graz.

What can we expect from your Masterclass session in March?

In the panel discussion we will speak about how user-centric platforms can be used to empower Marketing and bring more responsibility to the marketers.

What does the word ‘digital’ mean to you?

To me digitalisation is an extension of the scope of Marketing.

You have created two magazine apps, one of which was featured in the official European launch film of Apple’s iPad. That’s impressive – is this the kind of thing you’d like to do more of?

SCOOP & SPOON is a highly innovation-driven company. Every year we are working on projects which are as exciting. Our latest outstanding project was a digital branding campaign
based on the development of a musical instrument by a New York artist. It was the first digital media branding campaign for a high-tech research company where the brand content was based on research.

As of 2012 you have an office in London. How is having a presence in the UK benefiting your business?

Being based in one of the most dynamic markets in Europe allows us to check on a daily basis if our work, skills and competences are relevant or not.

You took the Digital Podge Lunch to Austria in 2015, how’s that going? How was that?

The Digital Podge Lunch united 20 UK and 20 Austrian based agencies at the famous Hotel Sacher in Vienna. It was great to see that the borders were torn down during the meeting.

Your MercedesCup Tennis App has received a lot of good press and awards. Do you have any more plans to develop sport related apps?

The MercedesCup Tennis App is a white label solution. It can be adapted to any kinds of sports and events and we’ve got great plans for the future.

What would you say are the biggest challenges facing businesses in this ever evolving digital age?

I have the impression that people don’t understand the overall idea of Marketing anymore. We have highly trained Software Developers, User Experience Designers, Social Media, SEO and Advertising Specialists available on the market, but very few Marketing generalists, who keep the big picture in mind.

You have won many awards, which one are you most proud of and why?

Receiving the Marketing Manager of the Year Award from the International Advertising Association foregoing Dietrich Mateschitz, the founder of Red Bull was a great honour.

What is your top digital trend prediction for 2018?
Voice commerce is certainly going to be the next big thing. I am thrilled to see how it’s going to disrupt the existing landscape.

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