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[Event Partners, Visibrain]

Oct 2016

Event Partners, Visibrain

We welcome Event Partners, Visibrain to OiConf Bristol.

So, what do they do? Visibrain is a media monitoring platform for brand reputation management and crisis prevention. Designed for PR and Communication professionals, the platform monitors the online press, blogs and social media to identify potential PR issues, rising trends and influencers.

Since its creation in 2011, Visibrain has attracted big brands such as Orangina Schweppes, PSA Peugeot Citroen and BNP Paribas, top agencies such as Publicis, Havas or Dentsu Aegis Network, as well as numerous public institutions.

We take five to find out about Visibrain’s day-to-day media monitoring and get all the info on handling a crisis in full swing. Here it goes…

Describe the Visibrain media monitoring tool in just one sentence…

Visibrain: Visibrain is a media monitoring tool designed for reputation management and crisis prevention.

OiConf: Is there a typical day for the team at Visibrain?

Visibrain: That would depend on who you ask! For our Sales and Customer Service team, a typical day at Visibrain would consist of providing support for our clients. For our Communications team, it would be creating great content, engaging with our followers on social media and reaching out to bloggers and journalists. For our Product team, it would be working to improve the platform based on feedback from our users.

OiConf: How did you develop your technology?

Visibrain: The technology behind Visibrain is the result of 5 years of research, and was created by our own software developers.

OiConf: Protecting a brand’s reputation is a daily challenge. What advice have you got for our readers?

Visibrain: Know your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, and monitor any “smoking” PR issues carefully. Above all, be prepared! Have a plan in place to ensure that your teams know what to do if a crisis breaks.

OiConf: What steps should brands be taking to avoid a social media crisis?

Visibrain: Always be aware of what’s being said about your brand online. A great number of social media crises are caused by brands failing to respond to misconceptions or rumours quickly enough. Staying informed by monitoring online activity – whether it’s on social media, blogs or in the press – is absolutely crucial to ensure that you can detect any issues and address them before they have time to escalate.

OiConf: Give us an interesting fact about Visibrain…

Visibrain: Visibrain captures and analyses over 600 million publications every day, and can notify users of abnormal activity in under four seconds!

OiConf: What does the brand name Visibrain represent?

Visibrain: The name Visibrain originates from two ideas. “Visi” comes from the idea of having full visibility of what’s being said about your brand online. “Brain” because we strive to ensure that our data provides actionable insights by being easy to read and interpret.

OiConf: You’ve been around since 2011. What’s the biggest industry change you’ve seen in this time?

Visibrain: Since Visibrain was created, the way information is distributed has changed. Twitter has established itself as a major real-time news source, the online press publish faster than ever before, and new social media accounts and blogs are created every day. Brands are faced with huge quantities of data coming from an almost infinite number of sources. It’s a goldmine of information, but reputation management in such an environment is challenging. With so much information available, it’s difficult to detect the subtle signs of risks and opportunities amongst all the noise, and few tools offer a reliable solution to this problem.

OiConf: How did you adapt?

Visibrain: This year, Visibrain shifted towards a new, fully reputation management-focused product. The new Visibrain has one of the most high-performance alert systems in the industry, fine-tuned data filtering and an interface designed to allow the user to react quickly in the event of a crisis. We also provide full support for our clients, helping them with their day-to-day reputation protection and crisis management.

OiConf: What are you hoping to get from OiConf? Are there any speakers you’re excited to hear from?

Visibrain: The whole event looks great, but you’ll definitely find us at all of the keynotes about social data!


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