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[5 Minutes with.. Greenwood Campbell]

5 MINS WITH.. Greenwood Campbell
Jul 2017

5 Minutes with.. Greenwood Campbell

With just under 9 months to go for us here at OiConf HQ, we have caught up and sat down with a partner who joins us for the second year in a row. So get comfy as here we talk to two of the team and find out what makes them tick and to establish if seaside living is all it’s cracked up to be?

Adam Greenwood, Founder, and MD
Annie Talboys, Marketing Director

OiConf: This isn’t your first OiConf. What did you make of it last year?

GC: We really enjoyed being part of the conference this year. It provided engaging content, interesting people, and thought-provoking discussions. We were thrilled with the turnout for our own masterclass. It was also interesting to meet other agencies and see how they were presenting new ideas and technology to the audience.

OiConf: For those who don’t know, who are Greenwood Campbell?

GC: Greenwood Campbell is a multi-award winning digital agency, with a passion for helping brands engage with their audiences using in depth research and emerging technology.

OiConf: What does the word ‘digital’ mean to you?

GC: Everything and nothing. I think the lines between life and digital have entirely merged. Wearable tech, driverless cars, chatbots and our need for phones to be no further than pocket distance away means there is no longer a divide between digital and non-digital. Beautiful user-focused experiences is no less than our expectation.

OiConf: Know Thy User. Please elaborate

GC: This is Greenwood Campbell’s mantra and works across every element of the agency. We don’t put pen to paper or finger to keyboard until we truly understand our customers and in turn their users – their mood, environment, and device. Once we understand not just the demographics of our clients users but also their behavior that defines their purpose, then we can tailor the message, layout and content to guide them through a journey.

Know Thy User is so important to the agency, we have the words spray painted in 12ft letters on our studio wall, it can never be forgotten or overlooked, it’s part of everything we do.

OiConf: Seaside or city? You have an office in both, which lifestyle wins?

GC: Both! Our main studio is in the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth – the town I grew up in and never plan to leave (Adam).

However, I spend much of my week in London both in our offices, meeting new people and seeing clients. London is truly the best city in the world, I love the variety, access to great talent and the opportunity – I’m also pretty keen on the array of men’s tailors! But Bournemouth gives me the chance to spend time with my children at the beach
on a Sunday or paddleboard before I head into the office or step on the train – this is why I’m never leaving. But the town is so much more than beautiful beaches and buckets and spades, there is a truly thriving digital and creative scene within Dorset, it’s actually become the fastest growing digital economy in the UK – beating London, Manchester and Brighton.

OiConf: When you take to the stage it will be 2018. What will be the top trend? Prediction, please?

GC: Chatbots are the latest emerging trend from America, which will gain traction with brands towards the end of 2017. Social media habits are changing. People are switching from public facing platforms to the private messaging platforms where they can have the conversations with who they want, when they want. The big boys including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have over 1.2 billion users globally, and the time spent on these apps is growing at an exponential rate. Customer expectations are at an all-time high and funding for chatbot start-ups is surging.

OiConf: What should we expect from your Masterclass in March?

GC: I’ll be exploring the next level of digital transformation – not just getting your business digitalised, but how to embrace the latest emerging technologies immediately to get ahead of your competitors – including AI, VR, AR, and Chatbots.

Thanks guys! Adam will take to the stage on March 29 in Bristol’s Engine Shed.


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