5 minutes with.. M2 Bespoke

This isn’t your first OiConf. What did you make of the last show?
The calibre of speakers was really high and the attendees for the masterclass session were really engaged which resulted in an enjoyable interactive session.

For those who don’t know, who are M2 Bespoke?
We’re a specialist content marketing agency based in Bath. We’ve been helping companies around the world plan, produce and promote editorial, graphic and video content for more than 20 years. Clients include Zurich, DELL, Hastings Direct, Saga and WH Smith’s.

What is Lead Generation in three words?
Identification, engagement, conversion

How do you make content that is shareable?
Concentrate on authentic, meaningful content which will entertain, educate and inspire your audience. Consider the best format for the audience, message, device etc.

Tone of voice. How do you get it right?
Firstly, don’t leave it to chance. Define your style in a clear but simple set of guidelines along with examples of phrases or words you would / wouldn’t say as a benchmark. Don’t make them too rigid though, some topics will naturally be more serious or lighter than others and you don’t want your tone to feel forced. Secondly, make sure it’s authentic and appropriate for your both your brand and audience. Thirdly, don’t be afraid to conduct some simple research and ask your audience if they find your tone authentic and appropriate.

How important is research during the planning process?
Research is equally critical when planning an overarching content strategy or an individual piece of content. Before you can work on your strategy or plan any specific pieces of content you need to fully understand the landscape, your competitors, your audience and your own objectives.

Once your working on an individual asset, your research will be the difference between producing a credible piece of content or just adding to the abundance of poor quality content available online.

BEN HOLLOM, MD, M2 Bespoke

Creating bespoke content takes time. Where do you start?
Good content always starts with a good brief. If you don’t know the audience, distribution method, objectives, basic structure / framework etc for the piece before you start, you can’t expect to deliver quality content that will drive tangible results.

What should we expect from your Masterclass in March?
A practical session which will provide advice and tips the attendees can take away and implement for themselves.

OiConf takes place on March 29 2018 in Bristol. Register for free here