5 minutes with.. SearchStar

SearchStar are no stranger to OiConf having joined us in previous years, here we took 5 to find out a little more ahead of their involvement in Bristol.

For those who don’t know, Who are SearchStar?
One of the UK’s leading independent digital media buying agencies. PPC and digital media buying has remained at the core of SearchStar since its beginnings in 2005. But since then we’ve expanded our offering to include programmatic, social media, video, conversion, analytics and consultancy.

What should we expect from your workshop in March?
Our workshops in March will equip you with the tools you need to grow a business across our entire service offering. But this isn’t going to be entry-level knowledge, we’ll be taking attendees beyond out-of-the-box functionality to provide a genuinely fascinating look at what we do every day.

In June 2010 SearchStar became a Google Partner, how did this come about and what was is like becoming partners with such a huge industry leader just 5 years into launching your business?
Frankly, we had clients that were spending a lot of money with Google through us.

Google wanted to help us increase the amount of money our clients were spending with us by enabling us to do an even better job.

DAN FALLON, MD, SearchStar

You’ve moved offices a lot! Are you planning on staying put in Central Bath for the time being?
I hope so. We’re actually going to be moving offices in a few months.

In 12 years SearchStar has gone from Dan working alone in his back bedroom to a workforce of 45 employees. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learnt in running an ever-expanding business?
Look after your people, they’ll look after the clients, and the money will look after itself.

Can you give us 3 conversion tips?
Less copy, challenge the relevance of your existing pages and improve it and think about whether you can create segmented and localised landing pages.

You’ve won lots of awards including four at RAR Awards this July, which one are you most proud of and why?
Probably the Grand Prix at this year’s RAR Awards. That was a genuine surprise. But we’re at the UK Search Awards this week, so watch this space.

What new technology are you most excited about in 2018?
Absolutely voice search. I’m uncomfortably excited about how it’s going to disrupt the existing digital landscape. The implications are TBC.

What are the do’s and don’ts of video advertising?
Do keep it short and relevant. Don’t judge results on a last click basis. Get your attribution model right

You have some really impressive case study statistics. What has been your favourite project in 2017 & why?
University of Bath. I’ve wanted to break into the university vertical for quite some time. But we’ve also delivered them compelling results; we quadrupled applications from overseas students for some of their trickiest courses.

OiConf takes place on March 29 2018 in Bristol. Register for free here